Want to be Instagram Famous? Read these Insta-worthy points I have curated to help you elevate your status by becoming an @instagram suggested user for 2 weeks.

This means you you’re promoted and followed by @instagram for that duration.  Let’s GO >

* Actively engage in and help cultivate the larger Instagram Community. Reply and post genuine comments on other feeds. “Nice Pic” doesn’t cut it.

* Get involved with @instagrams weekend hashtag project. Keep checking their blog to share things of interest and tag them in your post.

* Don’t over-cook your pictures. Instagram likes it natural.  Although, they advise you to use their filters, they don’t like it when you go too extreme.

* Post consistently but not constantly.  Don’t go AWOL for too long and don’t post multiple images at a time.  Find your sweet spot with insights.


Let me know if you have any questions.  I am happy to help.