Marketing trends are hard to forecast but paying attention to the past can tell us a lot. Below are a few trends to pay attention to:

  1. Keep it Uber Targeted – Consumers know when they are being saturated with content just to get it front of them. No one likes it when you only have 30 sec. to take a peek at your social and see a lame ad hogging up your feed. Seriously though, followers want REAL connections, not SPAM.
  2. Chatbots – You’re AI Helper – These guys and gals are here to stay. Trends show that more people are feeling comfortable chatting up with a bot online rather than giving customer service a call. Plus, you don’t get served an attitude.
  3. Image Searching – It’s time to really ramp up your photo taking abilities. Image search is on the rise with Google and Pinterest so be sure your website, blog or vlog is optimized.
  4. Influencers – Yes, we are mentioning Influencers again because the shift from celebrities to peers (micro-influencers) is a thing, a real thing. More and more brands are finding that their customers trust the real-peeps using the product rather than a paid celebrity.

Digital marketing is fluid, so we need to always be on top of trends and you can do this by testing and looking at your own analytics. I always tell my clients that we need to test, test, test. It just doesn’t stop. More on that on my next post. For more marketing help, read my other short and sweet posts here.