More and more clients are asking – How do I know if your social media efforts are actually working? As SMM’s, we understand the metrics but relaying it to make sense for your client is another story.  So, below I have listed a few ways to help you report your efforts:

1️⃣ Report overall insights including, followers, views, reach and engagement on a monthly basis.  You want it to grow each time. This will prove you are gaining more visibility and engagement.

2️⃣ Report on how many posts you created and posted.  Give the client insights on the 2 or 3 best performing posts and why you think it did well. For example, had a high reach, engagement or click thru rate.

3️⃣ Show your ad objectives, ad budget and cost per click or cost per engagement. This is a big one because they want to see if the money being spent is performing well and the cost per ad is low.

Of course, there are a lot more analytics you can report on but my advice is to keep it simple and short in the beginning and start to add-on as your client starts to understand all the numbers.

BONUS!! Make sure you recommend a strategy for the following month at the end of your report because they are looking to you, the expert for advice.

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