Happy New Year! Now that it is officially a new year, it is officially time to create conversion. Let’s do this!

Depending on your definition of conversion; obtaining new email addresses, sell product/services or growing your social followers, these 5 content trends for 2017 will create conversion- your way. What do I mean by your way? By reading these 5 trends for 2017, you will create amazing content based on your target audience, branding, and your goals.

Just because I have the most up to date trends/tips you should be paying attention to, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be customizing these to reflect your business goals and objectives. That goes without saying, right?

Drum roll, please….

  1. Micro-Content- My new favorite! These little bursts of carefully compressed descripts are to the point and concise. These may include quotes, tips or short video clips to give your audience a sneak peek into your brand. Now that you can link to your website on Instagram through your images, this form of content is perfect for a CTW (click to website) conversion.
  2. Podcasts- These digital audio files have really taken off. Many businesses are creating their own weekly podcasts so they don’t have to push advertising through someone else’s digital footprint. Create your own to tell the brands story and create a loyal following.
  3. Chatbots-Not everybody needs a chatbot but it sure is nice to have on your website to assist with answering customer questions in a direct and personal way. You got the customer to your website, engage!
  4. Video Storytelling- People will always remember a good story. Telling your brand story with a video is the best experience especially if it is personal. It is your best tool to bridge the digital and the real world.  One of my favorite examples is this  Timberland video collaboration. They partnered with Atlas Obscura in Chicago to learn about adaptive reuse of material.
  5. Mobile- We can’t forget to mention mobile because it is officially the year of mobile-first. The majority of engagement with your website will happen on a mobile device. If you aren’t making this happen, then you are well behind 2017. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile!

A few brands I am obsessed with.  Innovative digital marketing connecting with human emotions.

BurberryTheir Kisses campaign was super innovative allowing users to send a virtual kiss.

NikeBetter For It-Inner Thoughts. Light hearted-depicting the inner thoughts of women during sports activity that any of us can relate too.

Have any other content trends you think we should be looking at for 2017?  Please provide them in the comment section below.